BKK Titan Diver Worm Hooks Size 2/0# (2vnt.) A-EW-9631

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BKK Titan Diver Worm Hooks Size 2/0# (2vnt.) A-EW-9631

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The BKK Titan DIVER is the new, upgraded version of the Titan, designed for weedless-style rigging of larger plastics. It features all the characteristics of the original Titan – a locking spring to secure the plastic lure, a silicone stopper to keep it in place and the Super Slide coating – boosted by the addition of a fixed lead to take the fishing action deeper in the water, scouting sunken structures where predator fish may dwell. The lead in turn features a stainless-steel ring to allow for the attachment of a spinning blade, improving the appeal of your lure.

Titan Diver
Released in 2018, the Titan paved the way for a whole new generation of strong worm hooks to rig even big soft plastic lures. This upgraded weighted version named Titan Diver is just the first step along the natural development of the series. Designed to reach deeper spots, the Diver also comes equipped with a spinning blade for extra vibration and visibility, adding enticing glare to your lure presentation.

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